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  • I cannot express my gratitude for the care that your facility has given my Great-grandmother over the past two years which has been much more than just an Assisted Living facility. Evergreen in many aspects has become an extended family. At the age of 19, I had to make the decision of whether or not to put my great-grandmother in an assisted living facility. Martha and Esmeralda, were the two people I first came into contact with, both who I consider guardian angels sent from God. They were able to make me realize it was time I start living my life and pursue my dreams. They were the ones who made it clear my great-grandmother would be in great hands and I had nothing to worry about. Over the past two years I have noticed the caring, loving, and responsible staff members, have treated my grandmother like she was family. This facility does not treat residents’ like just a number; instead genuine care is demonstrated to each individual where they do everything in their power to make sure all residents’ are taken care of. Economically, Evergreen is one if not the most affordable facility in Central California. Many places charge outrageous prices but the level of care is not comparable to Evergreen. The owners’ have also been a gift from God. Being so young, they were able to help and reassure me they would work with me, since my situation was unlike most. If anything happens Evergreen calls right away to notify me and explain what has happened. I’ve also received calls from Evergreen just to ask how I’m doing and so forth. They go above and beyond at this facility. They don’t only treat residents with love, but they also treat the residents’ family with love. I would recommend Evergreen to anyone who is looking into putting a loved one in an assisted living facility.Jimmy Ruiz, Great Grandson of Evergreen Resident
  • When my Dad’s dementia reached the point he could no longer care for himself at his home, I began a search for an assisted living facility which could provide the help he needed. Martha Brewer, the administrator at Evergreen, was the only one kind enough to sit down with me and explain the services they provide in a clear, supportive, and encouraging manner. The fact that they had a wing at the facility to provide more extensive care (although short of actual skilled nursing) in the case that my father’s dementia worsened (which it eventually did), gave me further reassurance that this was the place for him. After almost three years, they are still caring for him patiently and thoroughly, and were quick to notify me the two times he needed hospitalization for bronchitis, and to arrange the transportation. This is a great place for your loved one when they need that special care that you might be unable to provide (my wife and I are both disabled in our sixties). The staff is courteous and attentive, care is excellent (both food and addressing physical needs), and the environment is peaceful. Again, a great place for your loved one!Stephen Randall, Son of Evergreen Resident
  • The management and the staff at Evergreen are very friendly. Some of the girls that work there are always fixing the ladies hair, doing their nails and basically just making them feel special. The kitchen is always open and the food is good. The cook is very good about making something that is not on the menu that day if one of the ladies wants or needs something different. Evergreen has a very homey atmosphere.Linda Giotto, Daughter of Evergreen Resident
  • This new technology has really been a godsend for me and my family on both a logistical level, and a spiritual one! Also I have noticed that Ellen has been a lot happier, with more to say during my in personal visits with her, as she can see direct video elements of our travels when we are out of town, as well as helping me to co-ordinate supply trips. She has been able to visit with her kin that are thousands of miles away, and this helps to stimulate our conversations for longer periods of time. We recently took a trip to the eastern sierras, and with pictures from my smartphone I was able to upload those to her device so she could see the trip almost as we took it! The fact that she had been there before got her at least trying to remember those details, which is difficult for someone with dementia.  The centralized administration  aspect also helps to insure that she will not be contacted by people that she does not want to hear from.  This is a ‘Win/Win’ for all involved.Michael Rouse, Grandson of Evergreen Resident
  • The care my mother received was individualized and loving. I live 300 miles away and my sister lives in Visalia. One of the questions I had was, ‘How do they treat her when we are not there?’ At no time were there any issues regarding sub adequate care. The staff was knowledgeable about issues in regards to Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. They were loving toward my mom and her wants and needs. I never felt she was ignored or mistreated. Any time there was a medical event, they were quick to call and notify us so that we could take charge with her care.

    I know that the staff is an important factor in the care of a loved one. This particular staff seemed to work well together. When you get right down to it, the staff is integral in making sure your wishes are carried out, and making a relationship with a loved one. Martha, the director was quite sensitive to our wants and needs for my mother.

    We will remember Evergreen as an important part of my mom’s last years. We would not hesitate to do it again, if the need arose.Steve and Kathy King, Son & Daughter of Evergreen Resident

  • Thanks for all your help in finding a place to move my husband Jack. A special thanks for introducing me to Martha and Esmeralda from Evergreen Residence. Although I had never heard of this home, I couldn’t have picked a better place for my husband. Even after 8 months, I’m still happy with the care he receives. I live close by and am able to visit often and have seen the loving care Jack has received from all the employees. Also, I can call or stop by their office at any time and they are happy to answer any question or talk to me about any concern I might have. When our family comes for a visit, they too are impressed with the loving care given to the patients. Everyone is friendly to them. I can truthfully say that I can and have recommended Evergreen to many friends.Jean Kirkbride letter to Westgate Care Center, Wife of Evergreen Resident
  • Evergreen is the very best at what they can help with, and that is caring for your family member as though they were part of their own family.  It is a privately owned facility and every service they provide is the epitome of personal.  Martha and Esmeralda, Administrators are extremely careful to select staff who not only care for each resident with great love and compassion, but also care for the family and friends of the residents as though an extension of your family.  Each staff member displays an obvious passion for what they do.  This small home environment was given to us as a gift from God.  Mom was only with them for about two months before she passed, and these extraordinary people fell in love with a woman who was already in advanced stages of dementia and had very little capacity to express her own gratitude for the much needed love and care she received.  Even when Mom passed these people grieved as though she was their own family whom they had lost.  Dementia is such a cruel condition and Evergreen and its Staff offset that cruelty with compassion and love that made it all better; you know, like mommy kissing the hurt so it would go away.  They count it a privilege that you would trust them with the one you love.  I could go on and on, but just visit them; you’ll see what I’m referring to.  Oh, and the cost is the best you will find anywhere!  This is wholly sincere, and without exaggeration.  Take a tour, you won’t be disappointed.  Thank you again Evergreen!Michael Johnson, Pastor, Son of Evergreen Resident
  • I wanted to write to you to tell you how pleased I am with your facility. My mother has been living in the memory care area since May or June. Although it was the hardest decision we’ve had to make, I believe it was the best thing we could have done for my mom.

    My parents had been married for 60 years when my dad became ill in 2010. He eventually died in October of that year and it was like my mom had fallen off an emotional cliff. A dementia that had already been noticeable became rapidly worse. She’s stubborn though, so she initially refused to leave their house. Eventually, she became hospitalized and couldn’t go home again, which gave us an opportunity to move her to your facility.

    I have been so impressed with everyone at Evergreen! Martha Brewer made me feel comfortable about the facility right away, patiently explaining the paperwork and answering all our questions. She continues to be incredibly kind and helpful every time I see her. Esmeralda has also been very helpful, especially with any medical concerns we’ve had with my mom. The caregivers taking care of my mom are wonderful, I have not met anyone yet who I haven’t liked. The are all so good with my mom and I know she can be difficult at times. They all treat her with respect and are always very loving and kind to her. I especially want to commend Gladys, Brian, Rosie, Esmeralda, and Lisa who we see frequently when we visit. They are outstanding! I know there are people that I’m forgetting to mention; just know that everyone I’ve dealt with there has been kind, polite, patient, and nice. I’d especially like to thank Gladys for making my mom look so pretty when we picked her up for Thanksgiving. She had done her hair and makeup and she looked great! That was so nice of Gladys to do that and we appreciated it very much.

    I also want to commend Jessica, the activities director. She’s very sweet and does a good job of getting the residents involved in the activities. I like the way she does their nails and make up and of course, dancing! I love to watch Maria Torres dancing, she obviously enjoys it a lot.

    I almost forgot to mention the food. I am very impressed! You have a great cook. The food always looks appetizing and smells great. My mom seems to enjoy it and has made comments herself about how good the food is.

    All in all, Evergreen is a great place with a great staff. I looked at 6-8 places before your facility but as soon as I met Martha, I knew I had found a “home” for my mom. Thank you and your staff for taking such good care of my mom.Diana Christensen, Daughter of Evergreen Resident

  • We don’t reside in the area, but we were kept informed of our Aunt’s needs on a regular basis. Our questions were always answered in a caring and professional way, and they listened to our concerns with patience and understanding.

    Because we sometimes hear negative comments about Assisted Living facilities, we felt we had to comment about our experience. Our Aunt was not always easy to care for, but two of God’s ‘Angels on Earth’ and their helpers dealt with the situation in a professional, vigilant and caring manner. They most certainly are people doing what they were meant to be doing. They are highly recommended.Susanna Cordell & Lupe Bonillas, Nieces of Evergreen Resident

  • My mother has been at Evergreen for some 3 years now and she and I have been very happy with the care received there.  Although my mother has early Alzheimer’s,  she states everyone treats her very nice, and every time I call her she is in a good mood and laughs quite a bit.   Upon my visits, the staff is very friendly and acknowledges me by name.  The staff really tries to create a family feel, and the facility is maintained very well.  I like that Evergreen has a doctor that comes to the facility for medical care, and the pharmacy they use is very professional and uses a method that is full proof when it comes to distributing meds correctly to Evergeen’s clients.  As far as cost,  Evergreen is the most economical assisted living facility that I had visited when I was looking for a place for my mother.  I highly recommend Evergreen Residence to anyone who is looking for a place for an aging  parent.Joe Peteque, Son of Evergreen Resident
  • Our family did our best to take care of our Mom for as long as we could at home….. The time finally came when it was no longer possible. Any one who is reading this is probably getting close to making the same decisions we’ve had to.

    We visited many places, trying to find the right “fit” for Mom. When we met with Martha at Evergreen and toured the Alzheimer’s wing, we were impressed with the calm caring attitude of everyone there. Those of you dealing with a loved one with this disease can understand how important a calm, caring environment is. We especially like the spacious size of the bedrooms, as well as the layout of the building. Mom is active, and needs to feel free to roam about “keeping busy”.

    Our primary goal was to have Mom placed were she would be safe, and cared for 24 hours a day. Evergreen has filled our great need, and we are all able to have peace in our hearts knowing Mom is safe, cared for, and occupied with day to day activities we could no longer supply.The Luecke Family, Family of Evergreen Resident

  • We were very pleased to have found Evergreen Residence Assisted Living.  Being a full time caregiver for 4 years at home, Evergreen was a blessing.  Mother moved in and has become functional and happy again.Dr. Alex Torres, MD, Son of Evergreen Resident
  • My Aunt has been a resident for over 8 months.  She has been very well cared for. The staff is so kind and cheerful.  The family could not be happier that she lives here.Glenda Funk, Niece of Evergreen Resident
  • The entire staff have become family to us.  The quality care, unconditional love and genuine concern they display towards their residents is encouraging and much appreciated.Janice & Jim Avila, Family of Evergreen Resident
  • They have been good to me.  They really try to please me here.  I lived at home for 20 years by myself, and I tried to get live-in help, but was a terrible experience.  My daughter-in-law and I interviewed many girls and just couldn’t find good dependable help.Hazel Mayfield, 5-Year Evergreen Resident
  • I was happy to have my dad at Evergreen.  I was very pleased with the excellent care that was provided to him by the entire staff.Richard Grissom, Wallace Comm., Son of Evergreen Resident
  • My sister, my wife and I have commented about how the staff are very friendly, helpful and always busy.  We haven’t had any problems at all.  Just about everything Mom needs, they provide for her.  The facility is nice, clean, and smells clean.  The staff are friendly and helpful.Ronald Askeland, Son of Evergreen Resident
  • The help here is excellent.  When I needed them they were here for me.  They checked on me every hour when I came back from the hospital. The changes that are taking place have made the place even better.Irene Hayes, 6-year Evergreen Resident